TOP 5 Easy TRICKS To Look Great In Photos

Sometimes it’s not easy to relax and act naturally in front of the camera, but just altering your inner state does magic to your overall appearance and makes you more photogenic. Who would’ve thought! So, it is definitely a good idea to get prepared for the spotlight!

Here are a few ideas how to feel more relaxed and develop your confidence in front of the camera.


Have a few pictures taken and review them. Be honest with yourself, check what works and what doesn’t. Does your makeup compliment the hairstyle and your outfit, or maybe it’s better to put your hair down and add a bit of a glossy lipstick?

Check your posture. When you straighten your back, more oxygen gets in your body which will help you release tension on your face, hence you will look more natural.


Get a takeaway coffee, a book, something to make your hands busy and take your focus away from the camera.

It will help you feel more relaxed and also add a character to the photos. Put on a cool hat, a scarf, or a big jacket to hold on to.

Another cool idea: pretend to be on the runway and play with your clothes and accessories like a catwalk model.


Talk to your photographer about any concerns you have, whether it’s a bothering double chin or just simple anxiety because of the camera. We are all humans, and have similar problems, so open up and get a feedback on how to improve it in the photos.

Or, you can talk about something that inspires you or what you’re passionate about, it will add sparkle to your eyes and a natural smile.


Speaking of eyes…

 Don’t forget to CATCH THE LIGHT

“Work for the light, not the camera,” is one of the top tips of a top model Tyra Banks.

Always look for a light source. It will be flattering to your face smoothing any imperfections and will also make your eyes shine.



It’s another Tyra Banks’ secret weapon during every photoshoot. It’s all about smiling with your eyes. Close your eyes, think of something that makes you happy, slowly open your eyes, and “snap!”


And finally…


GET INSPIRED! Fashion magazines, Pinterest boards… Resources are endless!

You can get some ideas from my Pinterest Boards:






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