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Learn which poses are the best for a photoshoot and how to pose better

The BEST POSES for a Photoshoot

Have you ever struggled to think of poses for a photoshoot? In this weeks blog post I want to tell you my SECRET best practice when it comes to posing… Are you ready?

The BEST POSE you can ever do for photoshoot is BEING YOU!

Sounds simple, right? “So where’s the secret?” you might be thinking. Here’s the recipe: your REAL EMOTIONS combined with your BODY LANGUAGE are the most important ingredients for looking great in photos. Hocus pocus, and it works! ALWAYS.

Body language

Something as simple as running your fingers through your hair, looking at your watch, or a little fiddle with your clothes, looks so much more natural and generally great in the photos.

The next time you feel stuck and don’t know what to do for the camera, close your eyes, take a big breath in, breath out. Smile! You are beautiful, and camera loves you! Try playing with your hair, clothes you are wearing, do anything you would normally do, body language I mean. It feels like talking to your friend. The camera is your friend, and the more you treat it like one the better it will make you look. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, by saying this I don’t mean that striking poses doesn’t work. It does, but not every single time. Let me explain why.

You need to believe in what you do.

When actors are playing roles in movies, they really put themselves in the character’s shoes and make the audience believe it’s really them. Same way, every time you do a new pose you are trying on a new character. If the pose is an uncomfortable or awkward and it doesn’t feel right, chances are it doesn’t look right.

So in order for a pose to work and to look amazing in the photo, you need to do it 100% and make it YOURS. Really feel it and believe that it is YOU in that pose.

Dramatic poses that DON’T WORK

Let’s say you saw a few extravagant posing ideas in the VOGUE magazine, you made a mental note or even took a photo and you’re doing the exact same poses during your photoshoot and it looks AWKWARD if not bad… How come?

Have you ever taken a dance class and noticed a novice copying the dance teacher’s moves? They understand the move, the lines and shapes are there… It just doesn’t look right. What is missing is confidence in the steps and the intent behind the movement. It’s the same with posing!

CONFIDENCE and intent

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits. You can feel when it’s there when looking at the photo. Be confident, you are a star! And know why you are there and the purpose of the images you are posing for.

Being natural wins. You don’t need to pretend or come up with complicated poses which often are not even that flattering.

You can also take your posing to the next level by adding movement, learn how to do it in my previous blog here.

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