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In today’s visual landscape, where snap judgments prevail, branding photography acts as the compelling cover of your brand’s story, whether it’s your branding photography and headshots or advertising and marketing content for your products or services

Album/EP Cover Photography

Promo Photography

Book Covers & Author Portraits

“Anastasia is simply brilliant. She is the best photographer I have ever worked with and the quality of her work is unparalleled. I could not have asked for a better photographer. Her professionalism, kindness and intelligence is simply astonishing.

I had my author photographs done with Anastasia and she immediately knew what would look best. She guided me through the pictures, paid an incredible attention to detail and made absolutely certain everything, from the lighting to my poses and hair, was perfect. Aside from her incredible capability in photography, Anastasia is also such a kind and pleasant individual, who I really enjoyed spending time with. I am so grateful to her for capturing beautiful pictures and I unequivocally recommend her to all.”

Miray K.


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PR Photography

Press Releases and Launch parties, Networking Events photography, trade shows & exhibitions

Corporate Photography

Corporate Headshots, Team Photos, Office photography, keynote presentations, corporate event photography

Branding Photography

Professional brand photography for your business’ forefront – website, social media and blog content.

Secret Aesthetics at Harvey Nichols, Birmingham
Directors at Secret Aesthetics: Dr. Naqvi and Dr. Zoya

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