About me

Hi there! Anastasia here! A little about me and what I do…

I am a bit of a rolling stone, born and raised in Russia and within past six years have lived and worked in four different countries. Currently I’m residing in the heart of England, Lichfield, Staffordshire. Though I am really excited to see where my craft takes me next!

My creative path started in Prague, Czech Republic after completion of my university’s Documentary Photography course. It opened up a new world for me! I completely and utterly fell in love with visual storytelling.

Every image that came out from my beginner Fujifilm AX-1 camera made me want to capture more, more, and more! And now I’m hooked!

As for now I am focusing on portrait as well as documentary wedding photography.

I combine my passion for fashion photography and inspiration from vintage magazines into a creative fashion portrait. A true retro lover and flea market digger, I love to add some vintage touch to my shoots and a bit of a quirky character.

I love weddings! Who doesn’t?! The ‘love is in the air’ atmosphere, those touching raw emotions newlyweds and their families experience… It’s incredible! And when I capture moments like these it make me emotional!

A picture is worth a thousand words… That’s for sure!

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