Captivating Photography Insights: Elevate Your Event with an Engaging Guest Speaker

Photography guest speaker presenting lighting techniques

Are you looking to elevate your next photography event or conference? You’re in the right place!

Whether at a trade show or conference, I’m thrilled at the prospect of delivering content that resonates with both seasoned professionals and aspiring photographers alike.

In 2014 I set out on the challenging path of a budding photographer, overcoming obstacles that many in the field encounter. Having conquered the industry’s steep learning curve, from technical theory to sales strategies – I’ve garnered invaluable insights that I’m eager to share.

My expertise now lies in curating compelling marketing content for businesses through the art of portraiture. I aim to do more than capture visually pleasing images; my goal is to equip clients for success in a visually driven world.

I firmly believe that the success of a photoshoot is ultimately measured by the opinions of the end consumer, not just the satisfaction of the client. This often overlooked perspective sets my approach apart from the norm.

I specialise in making individuals feel comfortable and authentic in front of my lens, recognizing that authenticity is the key to building consumer confidence.

photography guest speaker, professional photographer speaking to the camera

What topics would you like me to talk about?

Here are some of the example topics I have presented previously:

  • Posing Mastery: Uncover the art and science behind captivating poses that bring your portraits to life
  • The Power of Branding: Discover the transformational impact of strategic branding photography on businesses.
  • Lighting in Portraiture: Journey into advanced lighting techniques that inject vitality to every portrait.”
  • Selling Through the Lens: Learn the secret to crafting images that not only capture attention but also drive sales for your business.

From London to Edinburgh and everywhere in between, I’m ready and excited to share my knowledge and expertise with your audience as a photography guest speaker!

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