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Things to consider when organising corporate headshots for your team

When talking about headshots, most of us think of a plain and simple passport-like head-and-shoulders portrait in front of the white background. Why does corporate headshot photography have to be plain? It actually doesn’t! Just like a headshot portrait for a freelance professional, team profile photos can be as creative and unique (as long as it work with a company’s brand). So let’s talk about things to consider when organising corporate headshots for your team.  

Corporate Headshot Style

There’s no ‘standard’ style that every corporate headshot should adhere to. Having your company/brand’s identity and visual representation in mind, you can make it your OWN standard – unique, yet professional and most importantly effective. 

Here are a few things to think about the STYLE for your team’s headshots:

Image format (vertical/horizontal/square)

The format of your teams headshots is crucial when you upload them on your website – you want the images to suit the layout. There’s nothing worse than having everyone’s images taken horisontally, when your website template is optimised for vertical photos. If you’re planning to keep your current website template, make a note of the page layout and simply replicate the existing format.

Background colour (white/black/grey/beige)

This decision is purely individual, and there’s no right or wrong when choosing team headshots backdrop colour. Look at your ‘Meet the Team’ page and try to visualize the new look – which colour would suit the website colour pallete the best?

Crop (head and shoulders/upper-body)

Similarly to background colour, this choice completely individual. Including more of the body in team profile photos lets team members personality shine. Through poses you can see body language, hence openness and friendliness – the key to effective headshots.

We humans, are visual creatures; it’s hard to explain a specific visual concept. This is why if it’s easier, I always encourage my clients to browse the web for any visual references that reflect the look they have in their mind and share it with their photographer. 

Team Headshots Planning and Preparation

Did you know that it’s not just photographer’s skill that result in great corporate headshots? 70% is preparation and only 30% that is photographer’s skill and technique. The main secret of the perfect headshot is confidence; when you’re prepared you’re confident. Feel free to read How to Look Confident in Photos for more tips on looking confident during your photoshoot.

Make sure everyone in your team is prepared to make the most of their corporate headshots. Here are a few points to mention to your team members:

  • Let your team know the date/dates of an upcoming photoshoot;
  • Discuss what they should wear. Suggest they bring a couple of outfit options (mainly colour variations, and neckline styles – these make the biggest difference in headshots). Solid colour clothing is ideal, and it makes a timeless photo. In case you want everyone to wear certain colours/style – communicate it. 
  • Let them know they can bring any makeup/hair products and accessories to do any touch ups on the spot;
  • Ensure there’s a mirror that can be used during the photoshoot;
  • Ask if anyone has any accessibility requirements, and additional Covid precautions. Prepare accordingly.

Bonus corporate headshots preparation tip! As a photographer I understand, not everyone wants to be photographed or simply willing to have their headshot photo taken – they are probably doing it because they have to. Speak to your colleagues and reassure them that it’s also for them to have a new headshot photo they can use for their LinkedIn, Facebook profile, even their CV!

This is all for this week’s blog. I hope you found it useful! If you are looking to organise corporate headshots for your team, make sure to get in touch!


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