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Business New Year’s resolutions for freelancers & business owners

Hello 2022! Motivation is in the air – better, healthier and more productive goals for this year are at the top of our lists. What about business resolutions, have you thought about your business goals for the upcoming year? Today I’m going to share with you my top 5 New Year’s resolutions for freelance pro’s & business owners to make the most of 2022.

Nutritionist holding fruit and biscuits. Branding photography for a Birmingham nutrition expert. Updating your branding photography as a business New Year's resolution for 2022
Emily from Eneevo

5 Awesome Business New Year’s resolutions for freelance professionals & business owners to jump-start 2022:

Learn new skills 

There’s always something to learn and improve on when it comes to business. Why don’t you educate yourself on all things you delegate – marketing, graphic and website design, copywriting, SEO, etc… How amazing would it be to have at least basic understanding of these skills! 

Imagine, you outsource one of these tasks and they let you down… You could easily step up and have the problem sorted yourself! Perfect!

Boost your online presence

The times are gone when you only had to post your product/service photos and videos. In 2022 it’s all about the brand. Put a face to your name with stunning fresh headshots and business portraits; show yourself in action with behind the scenes photo and video content. 

Level up your online presence by investing in branding photography/videography for your website and social media, and let me help you tell your brand’s story in effective branding visual content. 

Back of the camera showing a headshot portrait. Behind the scenes of a headshots photography session.
Headshots photo session backstage by Veronika J. Photography

Keep promoting yourself/your business

Promotion should never stop! Keep posting and promoting your business every day, if you can. Just don’t be too ‘salesy’! 

Social media is an incredible free tool that allows you to be heard and seen. Let me shout for the people at the back – it is free

How can you get more clients in 2022? The more you promote yourself, the more chances you will have to reach wider audience, get more eye balls on your work, and more clients. 

Strategise & plan

It’s imperative to have a plan. How will you know it’s working and you are going in the right direction? You need a plan.

As another New Year business resolution I encourage you to come up with a strategy. Think about your ideal client, create a marketing plan, get clear on your goals for the year. Stick to it. Review the results at the end of the year, and hopefully celebrate! 

Commercial photography, fitness photography for Birmingham MK Health Hub
Branding photography for MK Health Hub Birmingham

Don’t forget to rest & take care of yourself

Running a business can be tough – by moving away from a ‘9 to 5’ job, you might find yourself in a 24/7 grind without adequate rest. At this rate, burnout won’t be far off. 

Whether you are a freelance professional or a business owner working on your own terms/times, it’s important to set time boundaries on your work days and schedule regular days off. 

I hope you enjoyed these business New Year’s resolutions. If you know any other helpful business tips and resolution ideas feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you a successful 2022! 


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