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How to Be More Productive When Working From Home

Working from home… It’s a dream for many, but it also requires discipline to stay productive when Netflix is only a click away! It’s way too easy to get sidetracked and do something you promised you’d only do AFTER you’d finished your work — we’ve all been there. So let’s talk about how to be more productive when working from home. Today I want to share with you go-to tips to help you stay on track of your daily routine.

Let’s go!

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Here are 5 tips on how to be more productive when working from home:

TIP 1. Meditation

The first way to be more productive working from home is to meditate.

A lack of concentration is not just a childhood problem; it’s like an epidemic that affects our society. Phones are buzzing with social media notification every 5 minutes, your pet is seeking attention while you are trying to focus… It can feel like the world is trying everything possible to get you away from the computer.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation improves attention and concentration. By simply focusing on your breathing and eliminating the ‘noise’ of your thoughts, you will nurture the habit of concentrating – a single thing at a time.

Start your day with 5-10 minutes of meditation in the morning to help clear your head, focus on your tasks for the day. Meditate with intention, for me it’s productivity, duh.

I know it sounds easy, but it’s not. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work for you straight away. Think of it as training your mind; the more you do it, the easier it gets.

TIP 2. Regular breaks

It’s common sense! Unfortunately it’s too easy to get stuck in the middle of something (editing, writing, answering emails) and skipping breaks or even lunch trying to solve the puzzle. (I’m guilty of it every time!)

Next time when you feel stuck, when creativity escapes you, take a break! Walk the dog, step away from the computer for a little stretch… Do anything to take your mind away from the task. Or even take a nap! I can assure you, when you look at work with a fresh eye you suddenly know the answer.

TIP 3. Be active

OMG, If I didn’t skip the gym every time I get stuck on a project, I’d still fit into my favourite jeans! I often feel tired and burnt out after days like this. Does it sound familiar to you?

Get moving! Exercise releases endorphins. It generally makes you feel happier and refreshed so you are ready for more work. Have a little stretch or a couple of yoga asanas every now and then. Keep the blood flowing!

TIP 4. Plan the day

I encourage you to sit down and analyse yourself. Which hours of the day are you the most alert? When is your creativity at it’s peak? For me, it’s early morning (thanks coffee), when I feel the most creative. I generally start my day with a cup of coffee(love) and brainstorming blog ideas or writing.

You know yourself! And depending on your body-clock you can create a work schedule accordingly.

My day generally looks like this :

  • 8am (9am) wake up
  • Coffee + emails + blog writing
  • 10am Yoga/meditation or both
  • 10.30am editing blast
  • 1pm break
  • Walk the dog + lunch
  • 2pm editing blast
  • Quick break
  • 5pm finish editing and rest

TIP 5. Set boundaries

Let me guess, It’s 9pm on Friday night and there’s just one email you still need to reply to. This one email turns out to be writing the first 5 chapters of your life story.

Last but not the least way how to be more productive working from home is to set boundaries. I get it, It’s not a typical 9-5 when you start and finish at an exact time, so set yourself working hours. For example – stop answering phone calls and emails after 8pm.

If you don’t set boundaries it might feel like you never actually stop working. The same applies to days off. I used to work every single day editing images, planning social media content, blog writing… And I quickly burnt out.

Everyone has days off, you’re not an exception – work smart, not hard. Give yourself designated days off where you can sit and eat doughnuts while watching the 7th episode of Orange is the New Black in a row.

Thanks for checking out this week’s post! You can also read my blog 3 Morning Habits to help you jump start your day and feel more energetic and fulfilled. Stay productive and I’ll speak to you next week!

how to be more productive when working from home