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Pose like a pro - Dance! Anastasia Jobson Photography and Posing tips

Want to Pose Like a PRO? DANCE!

Do you feel like POSING is not something you’re particularly good at? But you DO want to look your best and brim with confidence every time a camera is pointed at you, don’t you? Today I will share with you how learning dance can help you pose like pro. Have you tried VOGUE? Not the magazine, but the dance style!

WHAT IS VOGUE dance and how it can help you pose like a pro

VOGUE dance, or VOGUING is a dance style originated in 1980s New York. It’s an extravagant mix of dance technique as well as posing. “Strike a Pose,” Madonna was preaching through the 90s. Named after the fashion magazine, voguing is a fashion-runway performance originally showcasing cross-gender Harlem Drag Queens. They were striving to resemble top-models in New York, like Christie Brinkley, and Maud Adams. During their performance dancers illustrated how they dressed, did their hair, and put on their makeup, all with sophisticated poses. This simple imitation of fashion models from the famous magazine ultimately inspired the name of a newly born dance style.

You’re probably thinking, “oh no, I can’t dance…” I want you to stop right there! Leave all your excuses for skipping the gym! And remember: VOGUING, or let’s refer to it as POSING, is a SKILL, and it can be learnt.


STEP 1: Head on to Youtube and type Vogue dance tutorial (or simply follow the link). It will give you loads of beginner vogue tips and techniques!

STEP 2: Get inspired by all those extravagant dancers radiating passion and attitude! The best videos to watch are Vogue balls where dancers are competing with each other for a trophy.

STEP 3: Then go to the mirror, play some of your favourite upbeat tunes… and strike a pose! It’s that easy! 

Dance photographer Birmingham, Bham Weekender, dance event photography Birmingham and West Midlands
Dancer: Zeb at Fierce Flow show, Birmingham Weekender

For more posing inspiration flick through an actual VOGUE magazine and try a few of those edgy poses, why not! A great alternative is to take a Voguing dance class in your area or even online (thanks to Covid now you can take dance classes without leaving the house!). Give it a go!

Remember, it’s all about the attitude. With each pose you do, make sure it would look great on the photo. Remember, you’re on the fashion runway, and all eyes are on you. Here’s a great exercise: hold every pose you strike for a few seconds and check if it looks good by looking in the mirror. Fix lines, your posture, and do any small changes that will really make a difference in making you look amazing. Make a note of these poses for your next photoshoot and you will see! 

TRY IT! I promise, you will feel better about yourself, your posture will improve straight away as well as your overall confidence! Isn’t it amazing!?Do you know whats the best thing? Muscle memory! Your body will remember the poses you practice and you will strike them without even thinking!

Dance photographer uk, dance event photography Birmingham uk, voguing dance photography, vogue ball in Birmingham
Dancer: Michael De Geyter at Fierce Flow show, Birmingham U.K.


Here are only a few (out of many!) positive outcomes from giving Voguing a go:

  • Boost of CONFIDENCE. It’s very empowering! Your posture, your mood will level up.
  • BODY AWARENESS. By looking at yourself in the mirror for a little while you will get to know your body more. You will know exactly what type of poses looks good on you, and what types of bends and twists you should probably avoid.
  • MOVES for the next night out! As well as normal memory, you also have a muscle memory, which means if you practice a couple of poses and moves at home, your body will remember it. So later, when you’re in the middle of a dance floor you may strike the same poses you’ve practiced without even thinking.
  • You will pose like a pro with a VARIETY OF POSING IDEAS for the next time you’re in front of the camera!


Get inspired! Check out a few examples of voguing in media for some context as well as inspiration:

  • Madonna’s “Vogue” (1990) has ultimately injected the underground Harlem dance subculture into the mainstream of popular culture through MTV;
  • “Paris is Burning” (1991), a documentary film by Jennie Livingston, is like a time machine, it will take you to the 1980s drag world and its authentic ball scene in New York City. (Available on Netflix)
  • Kazaky (The Cossacks). Ukrainian boyband who incorporate a lot of voguing choreography in their music videos.
  • Dashaun Wesley. Internationally recognised Voguing teacher and performer. 
  • Legendary (2020). A vogue dance reality competition series that are bringing the underground ballroom community into mainstream media. (Available on HBO Max)

DANCE like no one’s watching, POSE like no one dares! If you feel inspired to learn more about how to pose like a pro, here’s another blog post for you: Photo Posing Tips from a Vogue Dancer.

Pose like a pro and vogue! Strike edgy poses and feel confident in front of the camera. Dance photographer uk
Dancer: Bronze Abloh
Dance event photography Birmingham uk, Voguing dance event, vogue ball in Birmingham uk
Dancer: Bronze Abloh