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How to Make a Modelling Portfolio

Pursuing a modelling career can be challenging. If you don’t have an effective portfolio to show, the chances of landing a gig are slim. It’s not only about your skills and dedication, but also a a great body of work to show to potential clients and agencies. In this week’s post we are going to discuss ways of how to make a modelling portfolio.

How to Build a Modelling Portfolio?

Depending on the type of work you want to do as a model, your portfolio should reflect that. There are different types of portfolios: fashion, fitness, commercial, runway modelling, etc. With that vision in mind you can begin putting together your model portfolio.

Tips on how to make a modelling portfolio. Female model posing with Tresor jewellery.
Model Jerusalem wearing Tresor jewellery

Here are few steps of building a professional modelling portfolio that will get you booked:

  1. Determine your modelling type 
  2. Learn and practice posing techniques. Here’s all you need to know about posing your hands: 5 Things To Remember When Posing Your Hands for Portraits.
  3. Hire a pro to photograph you
  4. Get an MUA (Make-up artist) on board 
  5. Choose outfits that are current and show your personality. Here’s how to choose What to Wear for a photoshoot: Tips from a fashion designer.
  6. Pick your best shots
  7. Set up your online modelling portfolio website

Things to consider when creating your portfolio

Pay Attention to the Details

Every detail counts: preparing for a portfolio shoot plan your wardrobe, make-up/hair, styling, and ,of course, the final photographs. You might find this blog helpful: Before Your Shoot: A Photoshoot Preparation Checklist.

Portfolio Websites

There are plenty online portfolio options these days that are dedicated to showcasing modelling work. Have a look at Model Mayhem, Freelancers Club, Star Now, etc. Explore these sites for upcoming modelling events in your area and model portfolio photography focused workshops. You can even create your own website! It will take a bit of investing and extra work but it’s so worth it.  

Modeling Workshops

If you want to be a successful model, you need to constantly improve and learn new tricks. Learn posing, marketing and the business behind modelling — workshops will be a great help.  

Modeling Agencies

Agencies help lots of models acquire bookings. Try applying to a few model agencies your area and see what happens. Be sure to thoroughly vet them however.

Professional Portfolio Work

Be very selective when it comes to your portfolio book – you want it to be only the best work. Quality over quantity: pick your shots from different photoshoots, locations and styles. The key to a successful modelling portfolio is variety. Check out The Most Important Element of a Successful Modelling Portfolio to learn how to create a variety in your portfolio. 

You might also enjoy Modelling Portfolio for Beginners: Must-Have Photos. Make sure to check it out!

Photography is the most critical part in your portfolio that determines your chances of success. It does not matter how good you are, or your photographer – great images are a product of excellent teamwork. 

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